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Dr. Ilaria Scaglia

Dr. Ilaria Scaglia

What do Vladimir Lenin, Malcolm X, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and Jane Addams have in common? All of these landmark historical figures believed in internationalism: they belonged to some kind of internationalist movement and thought that the success of their cause—whatever this was—depended on being able to include and engage the entire world. Sign up for History of Internationalism and learn about communist internationalism, liberal/conservative internationalism, Black internationalism, feminist internationalism, and the history of international organizations such as the League of Nations and the UN.

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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Ryan Willoughby

Ryan Willoughby ‘08

“The department prepared me in more ways than I can actively remember. The most notable ways it prepared me was in requiring me to hone my public speaking skills, to learn how to thoroughly research topics, and to share what I learned in a clear and consistent manner.”

Now, Ryan is the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Georgia

“I work for the 65 Habitat for Humanity affiliates that operate in the state of Georgia and who serve approximately 300+ families each year with affordable housing solutions.  I am responsible for fundraising, training, advocating, and providing disaster preparedness for those affiliates.  At any given time, I am arranging multiple training events, administering a few grants, and engaging in advocacy efforts on a state and national level on behalf of Habitat’s mission.”