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Dr. Sarah Bowman

Dr. Sarah Bowman

So, monuments to the Confederacy: should they stay or should they go? Why does it matter, and what does our opinion on the issue say about us and America as a whole? Dr. Bowman’s students explore this issue and a lot more in HIST 5117: Memory and American National Identity.

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Alumni Juli Yoder

Juli Yoder '14

“My experience at CSU was wonderful. I was a student athlete on the rifle team, so my schedule was always complicated, and my teachers/advisors were always accommodating and understanding.  The professors were all very knowledgeable in their subjects and encouraging.

In [my current job with] Henry County, I write technical staff reports for rezonings, conditional uses, and other similar applications. I also review business licenses, sign applications, and handle special event applications for events such as 5ks and filming. Another big portion of my job with Henry County includes presenting cases before the Zoning Advisory Board and Board of Commissioners monthly.”