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Dr. Sarah Bowman

Dr. Sarah Bowman

So, monuments to the Confederacy: should they stay or should they go? Why does it matter, and what does our opinion on the issue say about us and America as a whole? Dr. Bowman’s students explore this issue and a lot more in HIST 5117: Memory and American National Identity.

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Field trip to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and Legacy Museum sponsored by the Hallock Endowment has been tentatively rescheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2020.  The online registration will be open to RSVP  at the start of the fall semester on Monday, August 17.      
Free and Open to the CSU & Public Community with first priority to CSU students.  


Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Marck Sciuchetti

Mark Sciuchetti ’13, MA ’15

"Since graduating from CSU, I am pursuing a Masters in Musicology degree and a PhD in Geography from Florida State University. I have decided to continue in my education by combining my passions for music, history, and GIS by working on the geography of music. Most of my research currently focuses on the ways in which women composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have composed American place and identity. I have presented on this topic at national and international conferences, and am currently working on a composition of the Hudson River.

I benefitted from the support of many members of the faculty... What I learned at CSU helped me to become a better writer and communicator.”