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Dr. Bryan Banks

Dr. Bryan Banks

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most important figures in human history. For more than fifteen years, he shaped Europe and the fate of European empires around the world. Despite his importance, historians debate his legacy. Was he a ruthless dictator determined to create a global dynasty? Or was he the heir of the French Revolution‘s democratic idealism? Explore these questions and more in Dr. Banks‘s Napoleon course.

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4.4.20 (7:30AM-6PM)  Field trip (flyer) to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and Legacy Museum sponsored by the Hallock Endowment.  
Free and Open to the CSU Community & Public Community.  
RSVP REQUIRED (Click here). Deadline by 5pm, Friday, March 13.



Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Sarah Bowman

Katherine Hinzman ’15

“The CSU History Department provided me with a foundational methodological approach that I continue to exercise to this day. The relationships I established with professors there allowed me to develop essays in a way that set me on the right track to writing and exploring larger and broader topics and theories in academia. I particularly benefitted…from the department’s encouragement to undertake history courses as a visiting student at Oxford through CSU's Center for Global Engagement. This is what ultimately led me to apply and pursue my Masters at Oxford following my graduation from CSU and continue with my doctoral research in the UK.”

Katherine is now an art history PhD candidate at the University of York, focusing on the Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones.