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Dr. Doug Tompson

Dr. Doug Tompson

The last two centuries have seen the United States exert significant influence – political, economic, and cultural – over the diverse nations and people that make up Latin America. That influence has been deeply affective, but works in both directions. Explore the history and impact of these cross-American relationships in Dr. Tompson’s HIST 3137: Latin America and the United States course.

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Workshops in Writing for History: Active and Passive Voice, 16 October at 6:00PM
One Arsenal Place, Room 114.
A free writing workshop that is especially designed for history students. Convocation credit is available for attendance.

Women and Revolution Film Series: Lucia, 17 October at 7:00PM
One Arsenal Place, Room 114. Open to CSU students, faculty, and staff only.
Traces episodes in the lives of three Cuban women, each named Lucia, from three different historical periods: the Cuban war of independence with Spain, the 1930s, and the 1960s.

Women and Revolution Film Series: Persepolis, 14 November at 7:00PM
One Arsenal Place, Room 114. Open to CSU students, faculty, and staff only.
A precocious and outspoken Iranian girl grows up during the Islamic Revolution in this Academy Award-nominated animated film.

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Juli Yoder

Juli Yoder '14

“My experience at CSU was wonderful. I was a student athlete on the rifle team, so my schedule was always complicated, and my teachers/advisors were always accommodating and understanding.  The professors were all very knowledgeable in their subject’s and encouraging.

In [my current job with] Henry County, I write technical staff reports for rezonings, conditional uses, and other similar applications. I also review business licenses, sign applications, and special event applications for events such as 5k’s and filming. Another big portion of my job with Henry County includes presenting cases before the Zoning Advisory Board and Board of Commissioners monthly”