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Department of History & Geography

History and geography are central to a rich, immersive liberal arts education. At CSU, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for the past, understand how the past influences the present, and make important connections between geography and human history.

The department offers one graduate, two undergraduate, and four certificate programs. Each is designed to foster intellectual curiosity and technical skill. At CSU, you’ll collaborate with professional geographers and learn how to apply geographic information system (GIS) technology to historical research.

We believe the best education happens inside – and outside – the classroom. As a student, you’ll have access to internship opportunities with the Columbus Museum, the Carter Center, the Roosevelt Institute, the Andersonville National Historic Site, and many others.

  About Us

Our instructors are working professionals – active in the fields of military history, globalization and economics, geography, GIS technology, and more. We share our passion for the liberal arts with students through individual mentorships, hands-on learning opportunities, and guided research projects.

Established by department faculty, the Columbus Community Geography Center (CCGC) provides a unique service-learning opportunity for history and geography majors. The Center applies geographical thinking to creatively address community issues such as economic development, food accessibility, and neighborhood revitalization. Students and community members are empowered to use maps, spatial analyses, and other geographical and historical tools to build a more equitable society.

What We Do

Dr. Sarah Bowman

Dr. Sarah Bowman

Do you feel like you've learned a lot about the Civil War? But have you ever thought about what happened after the war ended? What did freedom mean for the former slaves in the South? How did North and South struggle over the terms of reunion? The years after 1865 were so contentious (and violent!) that many have called this era of Reconstruction a "second Civil War." Learn why in Dr. Bowman's Reconstruction course.

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Ryan Willoughby

Ryan Willoughby ‘08

“The department prepared me in more ways than I can actively remember. The most notable ways it prepared me was in requiring me to hone my public speaking skills, to learn how to thoroughly research topics, and to share what I learned in a clear and consistent manner.”

Now, Ryan is the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Georgia

“I work for the 65 Habitat for Humanity affiliates that operate in the state of Georgia and who serve approximately 300+ families each year with affordable housing solutions.  I am responsible for fundraising, training, advocating, and providing disaster preparedness for those affiliates.  At any given time, I am arranging multiple training events, administering a few grants, and engaging in advocacy efforts on a state and national level on behalf of Habitat’s mission.”