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Department of History & Geography

Department of History & Geography

Jobs and Careers in History

A degree in history offers a wide variety of job and career opportunities ranging from teaching to business, from journalism to law school, from working in libraries/archives to museums.  For an overview, see “What can you do with an undergraduate degree in history?” by the American Historical Association.  See also the recent AHA blog on “Entering the job market with a BA in History.”

Indeed, a degree in history offers a wide range of skills that can be applied very broadly.  Career coaching webpages such as About Careers, My Plan, One Day One Job, and Career Planning  stress the versatility and usefulness of degrees - like ours - which build advanced critical and writing skills.

History students also have many internship opportunities.  Some of these are unpaid, but provide crucial work and professional experience.  Others are remunerated and can serve as a stepping stone for permanent positions.  In some cases, if enrolled, students can complete these internships for academic credit.

The CSU Center for Career Development also assists students and alumni with their career development needs.

The words of our Alumni best illustrate the value of a History degree, as well as the multiple career opportunities it opens:

“My degree in history has been critical to my professional career. Immediately after graduation I received a part time job at the Cobb Memorial Archives in Valley, Alabama. I worked there for approximately a year. The same year I received a job at AFLAC as a Document Specialist II in the records department. Diction and grammar, attention to details, work ethic, conducting proper research, and being knowledgeable in African-American, U.S. History are some of the skills that I attained from the CSU History Department which I think are critical to success and which will continue to help me in the future."

Kenneth Jordan
AFLAC employee 

“I have recently completed my first year of law school. My history degree has been an invaluable resource for me as I begin my transition into the professional world. My writing and logical reasoning skills improved tremendously while I sought my history degree.  These skills, honed and improved at CSU, have allowed me to flourish in my pursuit of a law degree and other endeavors.”

Austin Gibson
Graduate student at Mercer University - Walter F. George School of Law

"My time in CSU's History and Geography Department has had a profound effect on my future. This fall, I will begin as a graduate student in the History of Art program at the University of Oxford. My History professors at CSU have been inspiring supportive mentors, pushing me to strive harder, ask larger questions, and challenge myself at every opportunity available. The skills and methods I have learned in my History classes in my BA have allowed me to quite literally expand and explore my world, and will assist me greatly as I move forward in my studies and career at Oxford."

Katherine Hinzman
Graduate  student -  University of Oxford, UK