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Department of History & Geography

Department of History & Geography

Master of Arts in History

General Degree Overview

The Master of Arts in History at Columbus State University is a professional degree that promotes advanced research and writing in the field of history and historiography. Students entering this program will benefit from coursework that emphasizes the importance of primary source research, analysis, and writing in an effort to illuminate the past in order to challenge the present. Students may choose between a general M.A. in History track and the department's concentration in Race, Ethnicity, and Society.

M.A. in History Degree Overview

The Master in History at Columbus State University allows students to pursue their interest in any area of concentration within the department's course offerings. The degree is designed to help candidates to become proficient at advanced historical research and writing. The general degree program allows degree candidates to choose broadly from the department's course offerings in American, global, and military history while benefiting from the department's strengths in race, social, and cultural history. Up to six credits of elective coursework are available to students outside of the history department.

For a listing of admission and degree requirements, see the M.A. in History page in the course catalog.

M.A. in History - Race, Ethnicity, and Society Degree Overview

The Master of Arts in History with a concentration in Race, Ethnicity, and Society provides a unique program that takes advantage of the study of race and ethnicity by scholars in the Department of History and Geography. The program offers the opportunity to study the historical construction of race and ethnicity from an international perspective that includes Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. At the same time, the degree draws on strong regional resources unique to the Columbus area, exploring topics such as the Civil Rights Movement, slavery, Native American society, European migration, and issues of racial integration in the U.S. military.

For a listing of admission and degree requirements, see M.A. in Race, Ethnicity and Society page

Archives and GIS

Students in the M.A. in History program routinely conduct research at local, national, and international archives. They receive careful guidance while perfecting their research and writing skills. Students will enjoy individual mentorship from faculty as they craft their degree program and research. Furthermore, students benefit from working with professional geographers and have the unique opportunity to apply Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to historical research.

As a tool and method for conducting historical research, GIS allows one to see hidden patterns of historical change through the visualization of complex data over time and space.

Financial Aid

The Department of History and Geography and the College of Letters and Science offer a limited number of graduate teaching and research assistantships to qualified incoming graduate students. Assistantships provide tuition waivers and stipends for up to 19 hours of service per week. Prospective students interested in these competitive awards need to fill out an application by May 1.

For more information on graduate assistantships, see Graduate Assistantships page

Admissions Details

For information on the graduate program, please contact the Graduate Committee:

Dr. Ryan Lynch, Graduate Committee Chair. Phone: 706-507-8397

Dr. Sarah Bowman,  Phone: 706-507-8359

Dr. Gary Sprayberry, Phone: 706-507-8353

CSU Graduate School Information

CSU Graduate School

CSU Graduate Admissions

CSU Application Form

Tuition and Fees

Departmental Admissions

The Graduate School will need to receive the following documents in order to completely evaluate an application for enrollment:

  • College Transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Writing Sample
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommendation Form 

Please note: The "Statement of Purpose" should include details of your research interests in history.

Admission Deadlines

May 15 for summer start; June 30 for fall start; November 30 for spring start


Assistantship Form

Assistantship Deadline

May 1 (awarded for the Fall semester)

Current MA Student Forms and Guidelines

Below are relevant documents for students currently enrolled on both the general MA in History and the Race, Ethnicity, and Society concentration.

Department M.A. Thesis and Thesis Proposal Guidelines

Department M.A. Thesis Proposal Form

Department M.A. Thesis Defense Form

Graduate School Thesis Guidelines - Instructions for Preparation and Submission