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Department of History & Geography

Department of History & Geography

Why Study Geography?

GeogMinorCSU's Geography minor is designed for students who wish to deepen and/or broaden their major program of study with a distinctive yet flexible program of courses encompassing the relationship between environment and society. The minor allows students to develop a coherent strategy for understanding and explaining the manner in which people and the Earth interact. Students have the opportunity to explore the physical, cultural, economic, political, and social patterns associated with the human development, occupancy, organization, perception, and use of the environment. Our inquiries encompass a wide range of topics from urban environments, cultural landscapes, to mapping and analyzing geographical phenomenon. Students often work on community-oriented research projects, and they reflect on their engagement with community organizations. We are committed to a community geography approach. Students and faculty work with local nonprofit organizations and community members in Columbus and the Middle Chattahoochee Region, and we use geographic information systems, spatial analysis, and other geographically- informed techniques to:

Raise awareness about important community problems and resources;

Inform community and neighborhood planning processes;

Support community organizing; and

Empower communities to make positive change.

The undergraduate minor in geography complements many other programs in the university such as Business, Environmental Science, Geology, History, International Studies, Political Science, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. Geography provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to explain the spatial organization of society including; why some places are more or less developed than others, and ways in which development and planning can take place.

Geography is interdisciplinary and employers look for geographers with holistic problem-solving skills. Geographers, unlike other disciplines, study human society and the physical environment and they are valued employees because we are trained to understand the complexity and interconnections between society and the environment. Employers seek geographically trained employees for their analytical problem-solving abilities.geominor

Any undergraduate student at CSU may complete a minor in Geography. The minor must include at least 16 hours of coursework to include GEOG 1101, GEOG 2215, GEOG 3108 and GEOG 4000 and two courses from the following: GEOG 3556, GEOG 3215, GEOG 3116, GEOG 5105, GEOG 5215, GEOL 5128, GEOL 5135 and ENVR 6105 or other geography-related courses with the approval of the Director of the Geography Minor. A grade of C or better is required of all courses in the minor.

For more information contact:

Dr. Amanda Rees,
Director of Geography Minor