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Department of History & Geography

Dr. Steven Gill

Part - Time Faculty

Steven Gill


Dr. Steven Gill

Position: Part-time Faculty
Office: Faculty Office Building 201

Office Hours

Spring Semester, 2018
MW 8:45-9:45 pm and by appointment 
FOB 203 (main campus)


Ph.D., M.A., B.A., SUNY Buffalo

Specialty Area

Early Modern Britain, Early Modern European Political Culture, Parliamentary History, Law and Governance


Dr. Steven Gill received his Ph.D. in early modern British history at SUNY Buffalo. His dissertation, "Theory, Practice, and Dialogue: Shaping the Early Modern English Politician," focuses on how the English gentry, amidst processes of state formation, adapted to their evolving roles in both local and national governance. In particular, he examines the rhetoric that these men were exposed to and they themselves produced, from their formative years of education to their fulfillment of magisterial and parliamentary service, and the collective practices and experiences that they engaged in throughout their careers in politics. It was through their efforts to reconcile both their personal aspirations and their public duties as members of the ruling elite, Dr. Gill argues that early modern English gentlemen were at once shaped and helped to shape the identity of the modern political class.

Scholarly Activity