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Department of History & Geography

Student News and Awards

2019 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees

  • Taylor A. Aspinwall
  • Lauren Denise Bentley
  • Kyndall A. Cason
  • Meredith C. Donovan
  • Jonathan B. Gunn
  • Vanessa Ellis
  • Megan Ashlynn McDonald
  • Tiffany L. Morgan

2018 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees

  • Austin C. Chesteen
  • Stephen M. Davis II
  • Elizabeth N. McBride
  • Matthias B. Smith
  • Shyla R. Tapscott
  • Vivian Leonard Walker
  • Laurie A. Woodson

2017 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees

  • Christopher L. Beerman
  • Malynda Skyler Corbin
  • Cailee S. Davis
  • Samuel J. Desrosier
  • Alexander Matthew Geronzin
  • Shayna Mechelle Hayworth
  • Erica Leigh Mehl

Fall 2016 Paul and Miriam Witt Scholarship

  • David Buxton

2016 Christine Agnes Gullo Prize for Historical Research and Writing

  • Taylor Langevin, "Irish by Conviction: Muscular Catholicism in the 'Fighting Sixty-Ninth,' 1916 - 1918" (Winner)
  • Chantay Sadler, "In the Midst of the Canebrake: A Student of Planter Migration in the Antebellum South, 1825 - 1860" (Honorable Mention)

2016 Carson McCullers Literary Awards

  • Abby Gibbons, Honorable Mention for Fiction for her short story, "Chocolate Milk"
  • Kelsey Waddy, Honorable Mention for Creative Nonfiction for her story, "Growth"

2016 Presentation at the Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference

  • Abby Gibbons, "Building a Bridge Between Students and Professors: Using History to Cross-Examine Expectations and Miscommunications"

2016 Student Publications

  • Jesse Chariton, review of Legends, Lore, and True Tales of the Chattahoochee, by Michelle Smith (Charleston, SC: The History Press, 2013); in Muscogiana 27 (Spring 2016).

Spring 2016 Senior Seminar Presenters of Outstanding Capstone Papers

  • Shea Wilby, "A Justified Assassin: The Writings of John Wilkes Booth, 1860 - 1865"
  • Amanda Whitworth, "Terror in a Small Town: Media Coverage in Phenix City, Alabama, 1952 - 1954"
  • Mickell Carter, "Visions of Terror: Black Panthers, Black Power, and Black Art"
  • John Zachry, "Terrorism and Security at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics Games as a Test of the German-American Alliance"

2016 History Award at the Scholastic Honors Convocation

  • Taylor Langevin

2016 National Society of Leadership and Success Inductee

  • Shayna Hayworth

2016 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees

  • Catherine Burton
  • Jesse Chariton
  • Abby Gibbons
  • Ryan Hutto
  • Jane Mader
  • Brian Shirley
  • Erin Wenzel

2016 Tower Day Presentation for Excellence in Academic Scholarship

  • Colleen Gottfried, "Preserving Periods: English Manor Home"
  • Jane Mader (with Malinda Miller and Mike Powers), "Checking Up on the Past: An Analysis of the Mayan Skeletal Population at Tipu, Belize Using Secondary Age Indicators"
  • Ryan Hutto (with Brenden O'Keeffe), "Losing the Night: A Survey of Light Pollution in Columbus, Georgia" (Best Poster Award)
  • Taylor Langevin, "Moved by Fear: The United States and the Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1933 - 1945"
  • Mickell Carter, "The Sound of Black Internationalism"

2016 Presentation at the Winter Meeting of the Muscogee County Genealogical Society

  • Jesse Chariton, "A Brief Overview of Freemasonry for Genealogists"

Fall 2015 Senior Seminar Presenters of Outstanding Capstone Papers

  • David Buxton, "Purely Flawed Purification"
  • Taylor Langevin, "Women in Irish Nationalism, 1900 - 1923"
  • Kelsey Waddy, "Money and National Identities"

2015 Student Publications

  • Jesse Chariton, "Elizabeth and Henry Baird and the Transition of Wisconsin to the Settled Society," in Pharos: The Silas H. Shepherd Reader, Volume IV: Travelers (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin: Silas H. Shepherd Lodge of Research, 2015), p. 201 - 207.
  • Abby Gibbons, review of Haunted Columbus, Georgia: Phantoms of the Fountain City, by Faith Serafin (Charleston, SC: The History Press, 2012); in Muscogiana 26 (Fall 2015), p. 61.

November 2015 Presentation at the Columbus State University Archives

  • Jesse Chariton, "Archival Records of Fraternalism in the CSU Archives"

August 2015 Teacher of the Month at Pacelli High School.

  • Hart Mizell

2015 Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship competition ($5000 scholarship)

  • Katherine Hinzman

2015 Phi Alpha Theta Inductees

  • Eric Derhammer
  • Mary Garcia
  • Colleen Gottfried
  • Taylor Langevin
  • Jessica O'Keeffe
  • Mark Sciuchetti
  • Amanda Whitworth
  • John Zachry

2015 Christine Agnes Gullo Prize for Historical Research and Writing

  • Ashley Meadows, "In the Absence of Love: Aristophanes' Argument for Peace as Human Fulfillment in Lysistrata"

2015 History Award at the Scholastic Honors Convocation

  • Katherine Hinzman

2015 Elite 15 Award for Men's Cross Country (highest GPA in the Peach Belt Conference Championships)

  • Nathaniel Reeves

2015 Phi Kappa Phi's Outstanding Senior Award

  • Katherine Hinzman

2015 Phi Beta Delta Inductees – Honor Society for International Scholars

  • Mark Sciuchetti

2015 Scholarly Activities in Humanities Award, Honors College

  • Katherine Hinzman

Spring 2015 Senior Seminar Presenters for Outstanding Capstone Papers

  • Christopher Lockhart, "Pawnee Scouts: Indian Warriors in a Soldier's Army"
  • Nathaniel Reeves, "The Choctaws: Confederates or Not?"
  • Zackary Enfinger, "Rebels and Savages: Sherman's Drive to Preserve the Union"

2015 Tower Day Presentation for Excellence in Academic Scholarship

  • Marlena Cameron, "Lean on Me: Influences of the 1960s in David Lean's Films Lawrence of Arabia & Doctor Zhivago"
  • Hart Mizell, "When the Yankees Came Back to Columbus"

2015 Student Research and Creative Endeavors (SRACE) Grant

  • Mark Sciuchetti
  • Jesse Chariton
  • Katherine Hinzman

2015 Phi Kappa Phi's Outstanding First Year Student Award

  • Abby Gibbons

2015 Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Georgia Association of Historians

  • Mark Sciuchetti, "Hope in the Darkness: Jewish Participation in the Civil Rights Movement, 1950 - 1969"